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In today’s digital age, the concept of inbound marketing has undergone a metamorphosis, and SEO has had a lot do with this process. SEO professionals are charging exorbitant sums of money for guiding website owners and businesses on topics such as optimization coaching, Google Analytics, Google Authorship, Webmaster Tools, Social Network Integration, Keyword Usage and so on and so forth. At Web Strategy, our team of seasoned experts from the SEO industry involve ourselves in the process of conducting ample research and analysis, and creating articles that are of high relevance to entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their online reach today. Our sole strategy at Web Strategy is to empower you with the best tips, advice, articles and latest updates from the realm of SEO.

Know Your Audience: The Key to SEO-based Content

The first step towards improving the SEO of your website lies in knowing your audience. Be it the overall user experience provided by your website, or the content strategy, the Google webmaster tips clearly state that website owners must create content for end-users, and not for search engine spiders. Therefore, try and step into the shoes of your end-user, and improve your site’s efficiency, visual appearance and enrich your content in terms of quality, variety and presentation. For the latest guidelines on writing effective SEO-based content, all you need to do is to register with us, and we will send you regular updates, not just from the world of SEO, but from the different exciting facets of online marketing as well. So hurry up and get on board with us today!

The Nuances of Keyword Research

The nuances of keyword research are based on the types of words, phrases or search terms that your target audience will most probably use. The Google keywords tool is an important means to adjudge the right keywords for you, but it is equally important to keep researching and analyzing the same from time to time, as search engine updates and search engine patterns are dynamic, and one needs to keep a track of them from thereon. The right use of keywords is basically attaining the right balance between website traffic and specificity of keywords implying the competition for the same. The more specific your keywords are, the lesser are the number of searches for it and the competition for them is lower. General, less specific keywords on the other hand, have more number of searches, and thereby the competition for them is higher. We have a free to download keyword research manual, which we have specially compiled for our registered users. Do complete your registration with us in order to understand the crux of keyword research!

Linking to Authority Websites

Having back links from Authority Websites, Directories or Blogs on your niche is a sure-shot way of earning brownie-points from Google. You can achieve this via methods like Guest Posting and Directory Submissions. Get in touch with us to get a Free Link Audit done for your website today!



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Happy Clients

We take pride in the wonderful comments that we receive from users across the globe!

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