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Targeting Digital Marketing and Link Audits for Websites

Targeted Marketing and Niche Marketing

Successful companies are well aware that they can't just aimlessly run a marketing campaign and expect it to bear fruit. At an early stage of the development of a marketing campaign, target audience must be established. Not all products are suitable for all human groups, and some people are more likely to purchase them than others. The choice isn't always obvious: does the company want to reinforce their message to their most likely group of clients, or introduce to them their newest release? Does it rather prefer to include a new niche of market to its pre-existing customer selection? Is it expanding itself and so it needs a brand new audience?

A marketing campaign will vary significantly in its approach and preferred channels according to the target audience for which it is being designed. Just to cite a mere example, a Twitter advertisement campaign might be easier for a product targeted to people from 18 to 25 years old, but not as effective in case that the product was aimed for people over their 70's. 

In order to aim a marketing campaign properly, companies must be aware of the habits and main characteristics of their target audience. Which websites or social media do they visit the most? Are they likely to click on certain sort of banners? How well do they manage tags? Are them more of the impulsive kind or the thoughtful kind? Answers to these questions will help shape the advertisement so it has a better chance to reach people who will actually become the company's clients and engage them into checking the product and considering it for purchase.

Digital Marketing Companies

When there is a need, there is a demand, and where is a demand, there is a company offering a solution. Digital marketing has its very own perks, as well as all you have to bear in mind for marketing in general. In other words, knowing about marketing strategies as a whole doesn't guarantee that you will make the right decisions with an online campaign.

The reason for this is that there are several aspects in play in the Internet world that don't exist in the physical world, many of which aren't even of common knowledge. We especially like the website of Source Code Digital Marketing - one of the many digital marketing companies in existence - in how clearly it manages to show the complexities of online exposure. Behind the success of websites there is a very important field of work known as SEO - meaning Search Engine Optimization. 

The basics of SEO are simple: adjusting the contents and link network of a website so it is displayed closer to the top on search results for its keywords. A good ranking in search engines drives a significantly higher volume of traffic - meaning, potential customers - to the company's main site, or even social page. 

SEO agencies adapt webpages and place backlinks in other domains in order to improve the ranking of their clients' sites. This is a very healthy industry, as good SEO has actual results in a company's numbers. Incorrect or poor SEO can doom an entrepreneurship to fail, while wise SEO can kick it up overnight and attract high volumes of traffic to the target site.

Core optimization vs. personalization

Google has arguably become the most powerful Internet company, and everyone dance to their tune, whether they like it or not. Its brilliant algorithms and corporate decisions have placed it in the throne of the online world, and there is little to no chance of success for online marketing campaigns which don't understand Google's algorithms and play accordingly.

In the last few years, Google has given webmasters quite a few headaches with its challenging decisions - you can say the word "Penguin" to any webmaster and see them rub their fingers in distress. While it has developed several tools to ensure that its services are as good as they get, some of them place a threat to the simplicity of SEO.

Targeting a SEO strategy has become more and more difficult as Google slowly implemented and extended its personalized results in searches. The idea behind them is simple: all your Internet activity is monitored and recorded, so your IP is linked to a database of interests and trends. This is taken on account when displaying your search results, so they are more related to your proven preferences, and therefore more likely to be of use for you. 

As nowadays this option is always working for all Google search users, it is more difficult to predict whether or not your webpage will be on the first page of a Google search. This has made it even more difficult to have precise data on a site's actual exposure.

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Happy Clients

We take pride in the wonderful comments that we receive from users across the globe!

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