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Targeted Marketing and Niche Marketing

Successful companies are well aware that they can't just aimlessly run a marketing campaign and expect it to bear fruit. At an early stage of the development of a marketing campaign, target audience must be established. Not all products are suitable for all human groups, and some people are more likely to purchase them than others. The choice isn't always obvious: does the company want to reinforce their message to their most likely group of clients, or introduce to them their newest release? Does it rather prefer to include a new niche of market to its pre-existing customer selection? Is it expanding itself and so it needs a brand new audience?

A marketing campaign will vary significantly in its approach and preferred channels according to the target audience for which it is being designed. Just to cite a mere example, a Twitter advertisement campaign might be easier for a product targeted to people from 18 to 25 years old, but not as effective in case that the product was aimed for people over their 70's.  Read More...

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We take pride in the wonderful comments that we receive from users across the globe!

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Happy Clients

We take pride in the wonderful comments that we receive from users across the globe!

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